Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Oil Frackers become Power Crackers!

Oil fracking companies across the world are known for polluting the environment. Whole world tagged them as polluters so far. However, it seems now that polluters tag has to be removed from them. They have added one more last step to their chain of activities to make more money by using the scalding-hot water, which is a byproduct of fracking business, to generate geo-thermal power. 

Yes! What you read is true and in fact happening! Frackers are not polluters now; instead, they are become helpers of the world by generating the most wanted resource, power. As you know, to produce one-barrel of oil, they need seven times more water. On an average, they use lot of water annually than they produce oil. Now, they brainstormed and have come up with a new thought about using this planet’s most precious commodity, water, in a profitable way.

Once the hot byproduct gets pumped out, they are diverting it to in to off-the-shelf geo-thermal power stations, which then convert that heat in to power. Once the power generates, they are free to use either for their own purpose or push it to the grid to get a few more dollars. 

And you know what, once the water comes out of the geo-thermal station, they are again pumping it back in to the ground to continue with the next cycle of fracking!

Way to go Frackers! You rock!

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