Friday, June 12, 2015

Change in Election Results – Sentiment Analysis Scores

What if all the news channels [on Net] display sentiment scores for each news topic? Will that make a difference? But, there is a chance for biased scores also, right? Nevertheless, the scores improve the interest of the readers about a particular topic. Even the scores are biased also, people’s curiosity make them read the topic with more interest. 

For this to happen, news channels have to keep running sentiment analysis engines backed with huge server spaces 24 X 7. The scores changes continuously just like the stock market figures. But, the readers can see how a topic becomes a fad within a few seconds of its publishing and how it fades away without a trace within the next few seconds! 

News topics are like waves that hit the shore [people!], continuously. Just like the waves hit the shore with full vengeance, burning news topics splash across the sites with colorful full-blown pictures and detailed descriptions. Whatever is the intensity of the news, it is not possible to hold the interest of the public for a long time. A nation’s attention span is very small. They swing by emotions. They go by emotional intensities and passions. Whatever is the focus on, it won’t stay for long and their respective memory span is also very less. Maybe this is the reason why politicians, irrespective of their nasty and corruption activities, still get elected again and again by the short-term memory loss public.

But not again! Although old, but when reviewed, the sentiment score helps them to remember the passion that they felt on that particular time when the news got published and helps them refresh their memory. Now, during the time of elections, what if people are reminded about the traverses that they had faced along with the sentiment scores during the current election term? Won’t their painful memories get refreshed, feel the pain again? After refreshing their memories, if they are allowed to vote, then what happens? Won’t the election results change drastically?

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