Saturday, April 11, 2015


Or at least the son or daughter of God? But how? So far the way the humans have evolved in terms of technology, they want to know or desperate to know what lies in their future? From humans’ point of view, future holds a lot of promises rather than present. If we get at least a glimpse at the future from this point, we humans get a lot of grip about all the happenings that are going to happen, come to know about things that happened; in other words, why, when, and will happen. This is exactly what we want and why we want.

But what is the new thing that we stepped up on nowadays, which gave us a new thought about predicting future or at least an inkling about the future that is likely going to happen? The answer is PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS – an attempt from mankind to know what lies in their future. Is this a result of serendipity? Or is this a proper scientific discovery OR innovation? What’s the fuss is all about?

As per Wikipedia definition: Predictive analytics is an area of data mining that deals with extracting information from data and using it to predict trends and behavior patterns.
It means, whatever we gather from whatever is happening, we can predict future trends or events regarding that activity; right? Miraculous! That means ‘someone’ is giving us some space in such an arena where we had not thought so far! And you all know, what we call this ‘someone’ on this planet when we don’t have any clue about it; GOD!

In other words, following the language on this planet EARTH, GOD is giving us a chance to predict something that can happen in our future through the magic wand called PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS. 

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