Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Predictive Analytics – Power Transmission

Power transmission through age old transmission equipment [large & complex networks like transformers, overhead lines, cables & other equipment] creates lot of hurdles and loss. It is expected that a rough estimate of 17% of the generated power gets lost in the transmission from power generation tower to the local grid.  While the technical loss happens due to energy dissipated in the conductors, equipment used for transmission Line, Transformer, sub- transmission Line and distribution Line and magnetic losses in transformers; the non-technical or commercial loss happens due to illegal stealing of power, etc.  

To leverage real-time data management to meet reliability goals, you need to deploy predictive analytics. By running the data gathered by your analytics sensors through the predictive analytics application, you would come to know where unexpected shutdowns and catastrophic failures are about to happen. Besides, you could predict transformer, compressor, and tower conditions, monitor cable and joint corrosion, reduce damage to critical equipment, etc. 

On the whole, applying predictive analytics on power transmission data helps you maximize focus on your critical resources 24/7/365.

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