Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sentiment Analytics – Drive Your Brand’s Publicity Polarity

On this planet, anyone can express their views about anything under the Sun without fear. We all love this fact; it is close to our heart and we cherish it like anything. However, there is a small glitch here. Imagine a scenario in which you are the owner of a product-based company and someone [your competitor!] started publishing negative statements about your product [which is your bread & butter!] through social media [Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc]. 

What you do? How you respond or react? How you stop that ‘someone’ from making any further negative publicity about your product or brand? Before all this, how you first of all know when that ‘someone’ started making negative publicity and why?

Most of the times what happens is that the respective company does not even know about a derogatory statement or an allegation made by its competitor in a particular social media channel until someone known enlightens them about it. Unfortunately, by that time, irreversible damage would have been done and the respective brand or product might have lost its popularity by considerable percentage in the market. 

The answer to all the above questions lies in ‘Sentiment Analytics’. If you start listening for your brand or product related statements using any sentiment analytics application, then the moment anyone mentions a predefined keyword [given by you!], your application sniffs it out and alerts you about the mention along with its +ve or –ve polarity. Be it in any website, social media, news channels, blogs, etc, you will be in full command when it comes to controlling publicity of your respective product or brand. 

In summary, Sentiment Analytics applications with in-built Natural Language Processor [NLP] can save you from this kind of unwanted publicity damage.

Why don’t you try? 

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