Monday, April 13, 2015

Erroneous Data – How Much You Have?

How we know whether the data that we are collecting in the name of Big Data is correct? How we assure that? It has to be considered that nowadays not only employees are bringing their own devices to work [BYOD] but also their own processes [BYOP] and toolsets [BYOT] to work when they join a company as per VB analyst Stewart Rogers.

As per Gartner’s 2015 CMO Report reveals 82 percent of CMOs feel underprepared to deal with the data explosion, global market intelligence firm IDC predicts the CMO will drive more than $32 billion in marketing technology by 2018.

As per McKinsey & Company says there are billions out there on the table for grabs when it comes to analytics business. But, what is the point when you have 10 – 25% of erroneous data? When corporate data is expected to grow at 40% in the coming decade, having this kind of error data gives you nightmares, right?

So, how you make sure to clean the data? Or what techniques you adopt to eliminate errors in your data?

First of all, are you game for it?

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