Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Pro-analytics Culture – What to Focus on?

Developing pro-analytics culture in your organization is must if your business involves creating analytics solutions for corporates. Following are a few [but not limited to] suggestions, which you can implement in your organization: 

  • The right ground to support analytics involves questions and curiosity. Freedom should be there to ask as many questions as one can. Actually, the health of the analytics group should be determined by the number of questions they ask; frankly, they should ask more questions than they get answers.
  • The second important step is to gather as much data as you can. Remember: more data, more answers. Always try to brainstorm to gather more relevant data as you can. Try to transform available data into relevant usable data; this is the first step that you follow before creating an analytics platform. Besides, try to connect all siloed information sources and create a strong data platform that is unified, cohesive, and usable.
  • Always, be a learner rather than act as a master. We are at the tipping edge of technology. At this pace, we all know how a popular and relevant technology goes obscure after 2 years. Recruiting professionals with right skill set is another way which you can do to stay on top of the technological changes.
  • Share your insights across all levels of the organization; both top and bottom. This way, the whole organization stays on one page and acts as one force.
  • Try to create and scale-up your Artificial Intelligence systems’ ability to understand and predict what your customer’s next question is. For example, try Google; the moment you start typing a keyword in its ‘Search’ text box, Google displays so many suggestions based on the typed keyword. This way, you can help your end-users to take their search activity to the next-level.

In summary, ‘be what you do’ is what this blog is trying to tell you. If providing analytical solutions is your bread and butter, then make sure that your whole organization is on the same page and share the same goal and culture.

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