Saturday, April 11, 2015

Predictive Analytics – Works Only with Statuesque Scope!

I was told that predictive analytics gives predictions or tell trends based on the past data feed. OK! For example, this works well if you are using a same machine [without any changes!] before and after the feedback. However, what happens if we add a new element [parameter] to the machine? In this case, the whole trend that the predictive analytic gives us based on the machine’s past data goes for a toss, right? It is because if the new parameter introduces any changes in the either in the performance or workflow of the machine, then obviously the projected trend does not match with it; which in turn forces the whole exercise go for a toss! Right?

In summary, shall I conclude that predictive analytics only work in such a scenario where except for the given parameters remaining all else remains the same!

Am I right in understanding the scope of predictive analytics in this case?

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