Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Make Your Life Interesting Using Predictive Analytics!

As kids, we were told by our teachers and parents to write a diary to keep a tab on what we have done on that particular day and why. Actually, diary writing is a good habit. It give s us a consolidated view of what we did on a particular day. Sometimes, we create our roadmap of our future based on the activities that we did on a particular day.  After putting in words whatever we have on our mind, we get a feeling that now we are at crossroads. We have the past data along with the options and opportunities with us in front of our eyes [in diary]. And we see a vast scope of future that is lying vacant asking us to fill in with all those dreams that we have for our future. A simple synopsis of what we write at the end of the day gives us this kind of tremendous feeling and scope about our present and future.

Now, imagine what if we add predictive analytics stuff to our diary data! Doesn’t it give more analysis of what we have been doing; letting us know more about ourselves a little bit – both on the positive and negative sides? Why [reason!] we got excited on getting a particular opportunity, why we want to do a certain activity in a specific way, why we want to show perfection when it comes to our dress code, the redundant activities what we have been doing unknowingly, the monotonous cycles that we have been following since our conscience activated on this plant, how we find and lost opportunities, why we are unable to overcome our challenges, what we have been doing to make all relations of ours become boring, etc.     

This blog thinks why not we measure, match, and manage our day-to-day activities using predictive analytics for getting a new perspective about our life’s goals. Just like how the hi-tech shoes send feet-by-feet analyzed data [while we walk/jog] to our system and display it in terms of easy-to-understand graphs, charts, etc., similarly, we can treat our daily activities data and get a wholesome perspective of what, why, and how we have been doing a particular task or activity.  

If you run your diary data through a predictive analytics application, which analyzes based on the predefined parameters and their respective weightage, the application’s dashboard displays different trends [future!] based on your past activities. Besides, it highlights all those activity anomalies (ex: redundant factors, unnecessary phases, etc.), which help you to tight, trim, and twist your redundant regular activities to make yourself more productive.

Are you ready to digitize your regular day-to-day activities and get feedback [using analytics!] 
 to lead an exciting, entertaining, and interesting life hereafter?

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