Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sentiment Analytics – Can We Forecast A Judgment?

Can we use sentiment analysis in law domain to forecast the polarity of an impending judgment? 

Normally, before settling any case, lawyers from both sides debate with each other telling the other lawyer and involved parties the innocence of their client. All these debates happen under the observant eyes of a knowledgeable judge. Now, if we happen to run all the debate conversations that happen between the two parties through a sentiment analytics application, then will we be in a position to tell which party is going to get the favorable judgment?

As the way sentiment analytics process goes, the application takes the keywords into consideration, judge them either positive or negative based on the pre-defined score, and based on the finally derived count, it declares which party is going to get the favorable judgment.

This blog wants to know whether by running the above sentiment analytics process, will we be in a position to pre-judge a judge’s judgment!

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