Friday, April 17, 2015

How ATM Fleets Get Benefited By Using Predictive Analytics?

ATM setup and maintenance business is requires huge capital; after a bank set a fleet of ATMs across geographies after investing lot of money then the real part starts: managing them, which is tough.  

Now, how to make this tough exercise easy? Answer: Use Predictive Analytics.
Using predictive analytics, your bank can trace a device’s failure before it actually fails. Even when it fails also, there is 100% chance that it can send the right technician with the right component at the right time; eventually, minimizing the downtime of the ATM. In this case, the bank knows the downtime of the ATM in advance since it is planned.

Another advantage is that using the predictive analytics data, you can know the reason for the device failure. For example, is it because of the manufacturing problem, or deployment problem, etc. Since you know the reason for the device failure, sometimes you don’t have to send a technician to replace the parts; you can fix it by sending the right commands on-the-fly. 

In this case, you can do all this within zero downtime!

What do you say?

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