Wednesday, April 22, 2015

If You Are Not Popular, Don’t Read This!

If you are a Page 3 personality, now you can check how popular you are using sentiment analysis applications. In this world of 20-second fame, where popularity is given for free for shaking a leg or for uttering a rebel statement by TV channels, FM Radios, websites, etc., keeping oneself stand out of the crowd and maintain uniqueness is a dream come true for the ‘true achiever’. Now, after getting what you want, if you cannot maintain it for a long time, all your effort goes waste. 

You are there on Twitter throughout your day micro-blogging all your activities; to engage and be in touch with your fan base. Your huge fan following makes your enemies feel jealous. Every letter that you tweet is read by your fan base thousands of times in a day and re-tweeted by them in hundred numbers. However, sometimes, your fans either fight among themselves or with outsiders after seriously deriving different meanings out of your tweets, which snowballs in to a bigger controversy by evening news time and splashed across all newspapers as headlines tomorrow morning. As you already know, frequently getting dragged into unwanted controversies dilutes your image and evaporates your fan base, which you don’t want; not even in your dreams.

In this scenario, don’t you think that you need a solution, which gives you an inkling about any budding controversy before it goes out of your hand?

The good news is that ‘sentiment analysis’ can help you in this context. Just plug-in all your social media feed in to a sentimental analysis application and run it. The application reads all the text, categorizes it based on geographies, geo-slang, pre-defined weightage, etc., calculates a score, and finally, tells you in which direction does your current ‘reputation’ pendulum is swinging: positive or negative. Besides, it also displays the results of who is trying to link with your brand/name/etc. [illegally!], and in which social media did they mention the linkages.

The good news is that the application lets you do all this on your own with a single click! And it displays all the results in a snazzy dashboard, which you can access 24/7/365. Hurray! You got what you want, right?   

Life becomes so easy to you once you get all the above information in hand. Now, you don’t need to pay hefty salaries to a bunch of PR people to manage your online reputation. Sentimental analysis application enables you to drive your online reputation and presence, control your fan base, and swing your fortunes to reach the zenith of your life.

So, when will you be using sentiment analytics application?

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